How to Play Double Bonus Poker Perfect Strategy

Learn to master Double Bonus Poker in the shortest time possible

The days of cramming a strategy rule sheet are over! Instead, learn to play Double Bonus Poker perfect strategy by heart.

Enjoy fast-paced video poker action while you master Double Bonus Poker perfect play strategy in the shortest time possible. Play now and put what you have learned into practice tonight!

How to Play

  1. Pick a game mode (play, train)
  2. Select an amount to bet (1 - 5)
  3. Select a coin denomination (1, 5, 20, 100, 500)
  4. Select the number of hands to play (1 - 10)
  5. Press the deal button
  1. Five playing cards are shown
  2. Select the playing cards to hold
  3. Press the draw button
  4. Not held playing cards are replaced by new playing cards
  5. Credits are awarded for each winning hand